Airlift to America


Weiss Belafonte

At the book launch in New York, Riverdalians or members of Riverdale, N.Y. families who hosted Airlift students,  came together with Kenya's ambassador to the United Nations, who  lives in Riverdale. In this picture, left to right, are: Robert Kheel,  son of Ted Kheel, an AASF Board member, whose family hosted Airlift students; Bob Levey whose family hosted Airlift students and whose mother, Sylvia Frank, was so impressed that she went on to teach biochemistry at Nairobi University for 11 years;  Marianne Montero, daughter of Frank Montero of the AASF;  Ambassador and Mrs. Zachary Muburi-Muita and Cora Weiss, Board member of the AASF and its executive director.

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Support for this website was provided by the TASK Foundation, named for its founders, Ted and Ann S. Kheel, who helped organize the airlift and hosted airlift students at their house.